What is RevereWare.org?

Revereware.org is a resource for people looking for specific pieces of vintage Revere Ware cookware from eBay. Every 2 hours we go through all the Revere Ware related auctions on eBay and categorize and sort the pieces for easy finding. For example, the tab for lids sorts lids by diameter.

Tip: The "view" options in the top right corner of the site allow you to select the view mode for the item listings.
You can choose between the Grid view or the standard List view. Give it a try now!


Example Auction

You can click on the picture of item title to go to the eBay auction for that item. Any items we were unable to categorize properly (not everyone uses standard terms in their auction listings) appear in the Uncategorized tab.


eBay Listing History

Since we started tracking auctions for Revere Ware items in May 2009, the number of listings has increased dramatically as the chart below shows. eBay is the best source for replacement used Revere Ware at this point.


Site History

  • Orignally created in 2010 to neatly categorize Revere Ware listings on eBay (v1).
  • Updated in 2014 to make it more aesthetically pleasing (v2).
  • Updated Jan 2019 to allow it to better display on mobile devices (v3).
  • Updated Feb 2019 to enable https / secure transmission for all pages (v4).
  • Updated May 2019 to add the Tri-Ply cookware category (v5).
  • Updated Sep 2019 to improve the item sorting and add the Play Sets category (v6).
  • Updated Nov 2020 to filter out the eBay/Amazon drop shippers from the replacement parts listings (v7).
  • Updated Apr 2021 to handle a larger number of listings properly and fix some category counts (v8).
  • Updated Apr 2021 to add the Canisters category (v8).

    Note: RevereWareParts.com is not affiliated with the Revere Ware brand or Corelle Brands, the owner of the Revere Ware brand. We sell new replacement parts that Revere Ware no longer provides.